Niki Meads
Niki Meads Director 0419 970 886

She lives in the heart of town, Gympie born and raised by long-time locals.
She has nurtured her children in this welcoming community.
She is passionate about helping others achieve success.
She is an early riser, a gym-goer.
She is a listener; she is a do-er.

She loves building relationships. She works hard, she works smart.
She is loyal, dedicated, committed to her craft.

She likes early nights; she likes reading books.
She loves real estate life and the wonderful customers she meets.

She is honest. She is caring.
She is grounded, she is familiar. She is the natural alternative.

SHE is ME!

Niki Meads, Founder and Principal of Home Grown Properties!

I look forward to working with you from the ground up!


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